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Our Markets

Acquiring a wide and well-established market with the wide range of our products, all things food processing technology, we have successfully developed and delivered premium quality products in the following domains.


Our state-of- the-art chilling and freezing solutions promise to bring unbeatable results in processing of foods such as shellfish, fish fillets, whole fish, cooked and peeled Nordic shrimp and many more such highly demanded foods.

We integrated our efficient Clean-in- Place systems, IQF, impingement and spiral freezers as well as chillers and did away with hollow structures, sloped surfaces, and fully welded enclosures that surpasses the most stringent sanitary standards.



Never before has urban society and its residents lived a more busy lifestyle with professional, social as well as personal pressures converging from all corners. As such the demand for prepared foods such as pasta, soups and ready meals has grown substantially in recent times.

Rest assured our tailor made chilling and freezing equipment will give you great results not just in terms of quality but also in bringing down your total cost of ownership.


We have strong expertise in dealing with a wide range of products, ranging from raw marinated chicken breast to fully cooked wings. Food products go through the most stringent quality process through our tunnels, spirals and CF Multi Pass carton freezers/chillers each of which are intelligently designed to offer you the highest flexibility and customization to suit your every need.


Dairy products` freezing and chilling is not just vitally important. Whether you have need for handling high volume heavy products with long retention times such as hardening ice cream in gallons and tubs or shredded and diced cheese. Our top of the line equipments ranging from IQF Tunnels, Spirals and CF Multi Pass carton chillers to freezers, ensure all your dairy processing needs are incorporated with the highest levels of hygiene.